Bonds - Clearing

NYSE Bonds leverages NYSE Arca’s all-electronic trading platform to provide efficient and transparent trades.

Post Trade Processing

Once a trade has been executed, trade details are transmitted to the National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC®) for clearance and settlement via the Regional Interface Organization (RIO). All DTCC / NSCC RIO eligible bond trades executed on the NYSE Bonds platform will be submitted to NSCC® without an omnibus account as "locked-in transactions" meaning that the bond platform has matched the details of the trades from buyer and seller.

Clearance & Settlement Notes

  • Give-ups will not be available
  • All trades will be reported to NSCC® with the accrued interest included in the price
  • If the bond is CNS eligible, all trade settlement will follow the regular way, three-day settlement timetable.
  • The buyer and seller will be responsible for certain bonds that trade ex-clearing and clearing submission.
  • DTCC supports NYSE RIO for all participants that trade bonds on NYSE. To receive the NYSE RIO, please contact your Depository Trust and Clearing Corp. (DTCC) representative.

All DTCC / NSCC RIO eligible bond trades executed on the NYSE platform will match the trade details of both buyer and seller by submitting them to NSCC® as locked-in transactions without an omnibus account.

More Information

If you have trade breaks or have clearing questions on the new bond platform, please contact the NYSE Arca Security Operations department at 312-442-7989 or between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (EST).

NYSE Bondwatch

NYSE Bondwatch

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Bonds - Market Status

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NYSE Bonds Quote and Trade Data

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Bonds - Customer Support

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