ETP Trading

ETP Trading Overview

NYSE Arca is our fully electronic U.S. trading platform and the center of U.S. ETP listing and trading. NYSE Arca has an average acknowledgement time for orders of under 1 millisecond, over 600 equity trading permit holders, and 37 different order types. NYSE Arca’s distinct market structure and functionality delivers the advantages of both displayed and dark liquidity, significant transparency and tremendous speed and efficiency.

More Information

NYSE Arca Membership

Access the NYSE Arca membership center for information on becoming a member as well as a list of procedures and new member application forms.

NYSE Arca Auctions

The Arca Auctions Center provides detailed information on Arca opening and closing auctions, an auction tool and our Daily Price File.

NYSE Arca Rule Filings

The Arca Rule Filings Center provides selections of proposed rule changes recently filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC).

NYSE Arca ETP Incentive Program

A new and innovative way for market makers to be incentivized to take on the role of being a Lead Market Maker (LMM) in ETPs under an alternative fee structure.